The following is a step by step process in ordering from a preorder/spree

1, Read all available information on the website by clicking the links on your right.
2. Look through the catalog to see what items you are interested in.
3. Once you are 100% positive in purchasing, click on the order form and fill out all required information.
4. Receive a email from ulzzangstyle within 3 days of submitting your order form.
5. Submit payment within 3 days. If you do not submit in a payment, your order will not be guaranteed.
6. Have patience and wait for the batch requirement to be met which will vary depending on the brand you are interested in.
7. Once the batch requirement has been met, the batch will close on the date that is listed and once 99% of payments have been received, the order will be submitted to the supplier and paid for upon receiving the invoice.
8. The order will be prepared within 2-3 weeks by the supplier, sometimes longer if the product is out of stock.
9. The order will be shipped by EMS which will take 3-4 days.
10. Once I receive the order, I will package everything according to who paid first and ship everything within 1 week.
11. All buyers should receive items within 2-14 business days depending on your location.

Please note that all time estimates are not guaranteed because there are times when customs will hold a package going over the 3-4 days mark. Please have patience, if you do not have any patience, please order from the in stock products only.