First off, I would like to apologize for the major inconvenience I have caused for everyone. My schedule has always been very hectic, when I first started, I had more free time, but then as the time passed, I literally had no free time. All my life is based on is work and school. I get home and I'd literally just hop into the shower and go into bed. I do my best to answer to all the emails I can in between my classes. Well I FINALLY received the EOS lenses BUT, I am missing a HUGE portion of the order, I will have to check the order tonight when I get back from my classes and then email everyone. The NEXT issue is that I LOST my flash drive which had all the records of everyone's order on it, which completely ruined me. I can try to figure out everyone's orders by reading thru the emails slowly one by one. But, if you want your order to be processed and shipped out quicker, please send me a email of your entire order that you made, and let me know which ones you have not received yet. That will make the task much much much simpler for me. I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience and the long awaited update.

Even if you are not with this batch, I advise you to please EMAIL me your entire order because I do not have it on record, and if you paid via paypal, please let me know the date you paid as well, so I can re-check it. The date should be stated next to the transaction.

As for the goal updates on the side, I will update that once I put everyone's orders together. It should've progressed it just a bit, but not that much because orders come in slow...

I will do my best to complete everyone's transaction in a timely fashion, but the other end (supplier) have to comply as well in order for me to do this.

Instead of posting in the chatterbox, please EMAIL me your inquiry instead because I can check my email much much much more frequent than the website.

I'm really sorry again for the inconvenience, and please do not hesitate to email me with any questions!


December 29, 2009 - Shipments of international packages were shipped today. Domestic packages will be shipped tomorrow. If your package has been shipped, you will be receiving a notification from me through your email. If you do not receive a shipment notification from me by tomorrow, it means your order is not complete so I'm unable to ship it out~ Thanks to everyone for their patience <3>



December 8, 2009 - The GEO order has been recently submitted. It should be arriving in 2-3 weeks.

December 20, 2009 - Batch#3 has arrived which was pretty quick. Everything will be shipped out asap early next week. My last final is on Monday so I'll try to work quickly. Thanks for everyone's patience :)


EOS BATCH#1 will be ending on OCTOBER 31, 2009

NOVEMBER 17, 2009 - Sorry for my lack of updates, school's keeping me really busy from everything and I don't have time to do anything. The EOS batch has been submitted~ I will post again once it arrives~

December 8, 2009 - The EOS order is currently still processing. Sorry it's taking so long~

December 9, 2009 - I sent a email a few days ago and received a response today regarding the EOS order, I was notified that some lenses were only produced in PLANO and some lenses are not produced in certain prescriptions and some won't be produced until next year. I was confused and asked for a deeper explanation of what can be produced or sent to me. I hope to receive a reply soon and get everyone's order fixed before it's sent to me so some of you will not have to wait longer until the next batch and what not. I'll send emails to everyone once I figure out the main issue/problem. Sorry for this yet again inconvenience~ I posted this up so everyone can be prepared...

December 15, 2009 - I will be receiving a portion of the EOS batch later this week I believe. I will post when I do. For the other portion there is some complications which im looking to resolve asap to get that fixed. I will be sending out emails once I receive news about it because im confused as to what's going on but I do know the wait time will be very long for the other portion, and I know some of you are getting sick and tired of waiting so if I did not receive your portion of the order, I will send you a email to ask if you wish to wait or if you wish to get a refund instead. Since it is finals week for me, I will not be able to answer to any emails as quickly until the end of this week.. Please bare with me for these upcoming days as I get this issue resolved and once this confusion is cleared, cause there's still some things that I myself is still confused about that's why I haven't made an update because I didn't want to confuse anyone.. Sorry for the inconvenience and long wait.


GEO BATCH#2 will be ending on SEPTEMBER 12, 2009

SEPTEMBER 21, 2009 - GEO BATCH#2 order has been submitted, it should be arriving in 2-4 weeks.

Oct 1 - I received the geo order pretty quick! I still have to check the stock to make sure nothing is missing, if there's nothing missing I will be shipping everything out tomorrow or sunday~ I haven't received the contact cases yet though, if you don't mind receiving it without it, then I will ship it out asap, please email me to let me know!


DUEBA/G&G BATCH#1 will be ending on SEPTEMBER 1, 2009

September 05 - Dueba/G&G submitted. I will update when the order is accepted and paid for.

September 24 - Only a partial of the order is accepted, I will contact each buyer individually if your part of the order has not been accepted, I'm sorry but Dueba has strict ordering policies that I was not well aware of. If you do not receive a email from me by the end of this week, then it means your part of the order was accepted. Sorry for the inconvenience and long wait, it took out a while to work out something ideal.

Oct 1 - I received a portion of the DUEBA order. I will email everyone this week if I was unable to get your lens. Please excuse my late replies, I've been under a great deal a stress and personal issues, please try to understand.

NOVEMBER 17, 2009 - The second portion of the dueba order should be arriving in 2 weeks. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, it took so long because so many issues took a while to be resolved, but currently I have to process the rest of the payment and it should be shipped out soon. I will be processing the rest of the payment this week~


T-TOP BATCH#1 will be ending on AUGUST 15, 2009

AUGUST 26 - There was a problem with the T-TOP order, I will be fixing it up and resubmitting it this week.

September 21 - There is a bit of an issue with the order, I will be sending emails to you if there's a problem if your order, if you do not receive one by this week, then that means your order is fine and I should be receiving it in 1 - 1 1/2 weeks. Sorry for the long wait and inconvenience.

September 24 - A portion of the order has been shipped out. Again, I will contact each buyer individually if there is a problem with your order. Geo is the only brand that does not have strict ordering policy as i've learned after submitting a big order which can not be fully accepted. I have not gotten around to contacting each of you yet because I do not know the list of what I will be receiving, once I received it and checked off the stocks, I will contact each buyer individually. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

September 26 - I received the portion of the order. I'll be checking off the stock list at the moment and will post up a picture shortly as well. I will be sending emails if there's a problem with your order, if there is not, I will not send you a email and your order will be shipped out next week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

September 27 - Sorry I didn't get to post the picture up last night, I had this crazy stomachache and was really tired so I went off to bed. Here's the picture as promised. I will be sending out emails tonight of those whose orders did not go through.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions! I'll be busy sorting through everything today after I eat lunch.


AUGUST 03, 2009 - GEO BATCH #1 has arrived. It will be packaged and shipped soon.